Hello everyone,  The latest and stable X Acceleration Codec release is v2.6.3.  There are many new features added since the v2.4.4. You can click the table rows for open the collapse stream info, also you can see number of clients that connected to the output stream. You will be able to import/export the panel settings and an adavanced deinterlace method option is added for the advanced user to specify the deinterlace method. In the past, you can only restart the panel by using crontab task for restart all the streams, but since the nvidia driver may report error sometimes and cause the panel failed to probe the GPU device or codec. But anyway, we recommend use the panel's schedule settings to restart all the streams, also less stream service interrupt time. The biggest changes you may see immediately is the search bar, you will be able to search, batch start/stop/restart and export the playlist. The search bar is very very powerful. You can search not only by stream label. For example: speed < 0.9 will search the speed less than 0.9x streams. And if you click the batch restart, only the speed less than 0.9x streams will be restarted. You can even use gpu_mem > 300 to search the stream with the GPU RAM usage which greater than 300 MiB. see? And also you can use && and || symbol to construct a even more powerful search expression. For the available variable in the search expression, please check the table below.

The inconsistent stream settings with stream profile problem is fixed now. And if you found the stream settings is not be able to edit, this is because you have stream profile applied. Please go to change the stream profile or set the stream profile to empty. If you changed the stream profile. a restart action is required for the stream. 

id int id < 10 is for search the streams that stream id less than 10.
label string label.includes("HD") is for search the streams that stream label contains 'HD'.
hwaccel string hwaccel.includes("NVENC") is for search the streams that has NVENC hardware acceleration enabled.
bitrate float bitrate > 2000 && bitrate < 3000 is for search the streams that bitrate in range 2000 ~ 3000 kbps.
quality float quality < 23 is for search the streams that quality less than 23. This value is in range 0 - 51 and smaller value means better quality.
fps int fps < 25 is for search the streams that fps less than 25. Normally the fps of your streams will be large than 25. if too many streams less than this value, perhaps you got system level bottleneck.
time float time < 180 is for search the streams that just started within 3 minutes.
speed float speed < 0.9 || speed > 1.1 is for search the streams that speed less than 0.9 or greater than 1.1. You can use this to list the transcoding speed too fast or too slow streams.
status enum('starting', 'running', 'restarting', 'stopped') status == 'restarting' is for search the streams that is restarting.
cpu_percent float cpu_percent > 50 is for search the streams that CPU usage greater than 50%.
mem_rss int mem_rss > 500 is for search the streams that system memory usage greater than 500 MiB.
gpu_dec int gpu_dec > 20 is for search the streams that GPU NVDEC chips usage greater than 20%.
gpu_enc int gpu_enc > 20 is for search the streams that GPU NVENC chips usage greater than 20%.
gpu_sm int gpu_sm > 20 is for search the streams that GPU SM cores usage greater than 20%.
gpu_mem int gpu_mem > 300 is for search the streams that GPU RAM usage greater than 300 MiB.



version 2.6.3:

- fix the backend process does not cleanup problem.

version 2.6.2:

- fix the stream timeout monitor bug.

- change the nginx error log level to crit.

version 2.6.1:

- fix the stream info parse bug.

- fix the stream start/restart related bug.

version 2.6.0:

- add the schedule settings supports for restart all the streams.

- add the video deinterlace method supports.

- add the stream search supports.

- add the stream batch start/stop/restart supports.

- add the M3U8 playlist export supports.

- add the stream stats per gpu display supports.

- add the http user agent option supports.

- fix the save profile settings override the stream id problem.

- fix the stream log may lost problem.

- fix the audio map option may lost problem.

- fix the license page may show stale license info problem.

version 2.5.1:

- add the stream speed monitoring supports.

- fix the GPU number display problem.

- fix the bitrate display problem.

- fix the client info display layout problem.

version 2.5.0:

- add the hls output client info display supports.

- add the import and export settings supports.

- add the yadif_cuda deinterlace filter supports.

- fix the http MPEG-TS source stream stability problem.

- fix the changes of profile does not apply to the stream problem.

Friday, May 17, 2019

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