X Acceleration Codec v2.6.3 released!

Overview Hello everyone,  The latest and stable X Acceleration Codec release is v2.6.3.  There are many new features added since the v2.4.4. You can click the table rows for open the collapse stream info, also you can see number of clients that connected to the output stream. You will be able to import/export the panel settings and an ... Read More »

17th May 2019
X Acceleration Codec v2.4.1 released!

Overview Hello everyone, the X Acceleration Codec 2.4 is released. It has some good news for the QuickSync users, only the Intel 5th and 6th generation CPU is supported in the past. But now the 7th and 8th generation intel CPU is supported. It will give you more options when choose the Intel CPU for QuickSync hardware transcoding. And the ... Read More »

6th Jan 2019
License System Integrated With WHMCS Now!

Good news! The licensing system has connected to the website and WHMCS database now. For supports the self-reissue and automatic renew invoice generation. So you can reissue the license very easy now. Since it's quite hard to move the old license data to the WHMCS database, so if you have ordered monthly licenses already, the solution is to order ... Read More »

21st Nov 2018
X Acceleration Codec v2.1.0 released!

Overview X Acceleration Codec v2.1.0 is released now with the backup source stream supports. You can add maximum 3 backup source stream URLs. The backup stream should be same channel, but comes from different backup location. You can set the "Switch Schedule" option for specifying when to check and switch to priority source stream if it's back ... Read More »

1st Nov 2018
X Acceleration Codec v2.0.1 released!

Overview X Acceleration Codec 2.0.1 is released, it fixes a few problem in the previous 2.0.0 version. for example: the implementation of Computer Vision Delogo filter has a small problem that it blurs the logo area for very long time. and If you didn't have the label in the stream, the panel may not be able to show the stream status in ... Read More »

26th Oct 2018
X Acceleration Codec v2.0.0 released!

Overview After a few weeks development, the X Acceleration Codec v2.0.0 is released today. the most important update for this version is we implemented a computer vision based dynamic logo detect and remove filter in the FFmpeg, it's called cvdelogo. it supports color and scale invariant features for detecting the logo object.  You can use it ... Read More »

20th Oct 2018
X Acceleration Codec v1.8.7 released!

Overview There is a bug introduced in the previous 1.8.6 released, the overlay logo function is not working. so please upgrade to 1.8.7 version. Changelog version 1.8.7: - fix the overlay logo not working bug. - use the movie filter to load the overlay logo image.   Released by X Acceleration Codec Developer Yang.Z at Mon Oct  8 18:18:28 ... Read More »

8th Oct 2018
X Acceleration Codec v1.8.6 released!

Overview In this release, the native AAC audio encoder and the multiple audio streams copy and transcoding is supported. In the default, the first audio stream will be selected. and other audio streams will be discarded. If you want to copy or transcoding multiple audio streams. you can set the "Audio Map" options.  also, the subtitles stream ... Read More »

6th Oct 2018
X Acceleration Codec v1.8.3 released!

Overview In past week, we received a few performance issue reports. after a couple of days debug. finally we fixed the issues and improved the performance of NVENC transcoding and optimized the HTML of stream management page for supports hundreds of streams. and now, the stream log will be preserved if  the stream  restarted ... Read More »

28th Sep 2018
X Acceleration Codec v1.8.0 released!

Overview The builtin rtmp server is supported in this release, it's using the IP whitelist to restrict the stream access and protect your streams. you can push the stream to this builtin rtmp server from anywhere. also, The offline signature based license key is supported now. which means you can use the X Acceleration Codec even without ... Read More »

8th Sep 2018