May 17th X Acceleration Codec v2.6.3 released!

Overview Hello everyone,  The latest and stable X Acceleration Codec release is v2.6.3.  There are many new features added since the v2.4.4. You can click the table rows for open the collapse stream info, also you can see number of clients that connected to the output stream. You will be able to import/export the panel settings and an ... Read More »

Jan 6th X Acceleration Codec v2.4.1 released!

Overview Hello everyone, the X Acceleration Codec 2.4 is released. It has some good news for the QuickSync users, only the Intel 5th and 6th generation CPU is supported in the past. But now the 7th and 8th generation intel CPU is supported. It will give you more options when choose the Intel CPU for QuickSync hardware transcoding. And the ... Read More »