Hello everyone, the X Acceleration Codec 2.4 is released. It has some good news for the QuickSync users, only the Intel 5th and 6th generation CPU is supported in the past. But now the 7th and 8th generation intel CPU is supported. It will give you more options when choose the Intel CPU for QuickSync hardware transcoding. And the H.265/HEVC encoder is supported for the QuickSync. Also there are 2 major improvements. The first improvement is the "Video Decoder" and "Full Hardware Acceleration" options are no longer existed. You can use the new option "Hardware Acceleration Method" to control use "EncodingOnly", "Partial" or "Full" hardware acceleration. And the second improvement is we added the stream process and codec information display supports. It's collapsed in default. You can open/close it by clicking the stream. Finally, enjoy it and send us a ticket or contact on Skype(yzfedora@gmail.com) if any supports you need.


version 2.4.1:
- fix the partial hardware acceleration method without gpu filters problem.
- fix the stream process and codec info open/close problem.

version 2.4.0:
- add the automatic decoder selection supports.
- add the stream process and codec information display supports.
- add the intel Kaby Lake and Coffee Lake QuickSync supports.
- add the QuickSync HEVC encoder supports.
- optimize the playlist structure of default hls output.
- increase the stream starting interval to 3 seconds for each stream.
- rename the Nvidia GPU option to Graphics Card and display the GPU name.

Sunday, January 6, 2019

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